Hey All! Cassie here! Welcome from San Antonio, TX

Cassandra Creations started creating and selling hand-made crafts and knitted items in 2014. It was a way for me to destress while I was going to college.  We have evolved over the years and expanded into offering items made with adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV). These items include decals, signs, t-shirts & glitter tumblers.  If vinyl can stick to it, we can make it!  

Fast Forward to 2021! 

We have expanded our t-shirt business with the addition of direct to garment printing!  What this means for our customers is that we can print almost any design on a shirt you want. Whether it is a single shirt or a large order of shirts for any occasion, we can fulfill your request quickly.


DTG stands for “direct to garment” printing. With DTG, a printer directly applies the ink to the clothing item with inkjet technology. This concept is similar to printing on paper, except that it’s on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. The desired design is printed directly onto the garment, hence direct to garment, with a special printer using water-based inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.